Zacapa rum for the discerning rum drinker

This drink is special and it’s perfect for sharing with your friends, partner, or even when you want to spend a quiet evening reflecting. Enhancing your taste buds with Zacapa rum will leave you longing for more as the award-winning rum makes a lasting impression on you and those you share it with.

Rum Zacapa is aged at a high altitude amongst the volcanos in Guatemala

Zacapa rum the solera way

This prestigious rum, aged at a high altitude amongst the volcanos in Guatemala is a story waiting to be shared with friends. Spend time sipping and savouring Zacapa rum, and enjoy the flavours that come through from the virgin sugar cane honey. Using the solera method of maturing, which is synonymous with how sherries are made, has given Zacapa rum its sweet, syrupy and dried-fruit flavour, all with a hint of smokiness too.
Sip rum like a connoisseur with Zacapa

A smoking-hot rum!

You do not need to be a mature gentleman with a waistcoat and spectacles to enjoy the finer things in life! Allow yourself to be transported to a place where hat makers are a plenty and the smell of fine cigars wafts through the air. With Zacapa rum you’ll find the world that sets the stage for refinement and laid-back charm. Even if you lack it, you’ll still be able to feel it. So, show off your new-found elegance and sophistication with some fine Zacapa rum, which is aged between 6 and 23 years, all for your taste delights!