Wine accessories, gadgets and gifts

Many of us encounter that phase in life when we want to become a little more refined. We buy the latest edition of Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine book as a new study guide, and then when the next group of guests come for a dinner party we’re ready to show off some newly-acquired knowledge and skills.

wine accessories are never too many!

You know how to swirl and sip

You are a total wine junkie. But, you don’t just enjoy the tipple, you know your stuff too. You know to swirl your reds but never your champagne — you wouldn’t want to lose any precious bubbles. You wouldn’t drink from anything other than a glass with a lip and, as a wannabe sommelier, you have transformed your cupboard under the staircase into a wine “cellar”. You also have every type of corkscrew on the market because you wouldn’t dare serve from a screw-top bottle. So what wine accessories do you need to complete your collection?

Wine Glass Markers

From Nebbiolo and Sangiovese to “Cardboardeaux”

Show off your advanced knowledge of grape varietals, from Nebbiolo to Sangiovese, and get rid of the friend who tries to insult you by bringing a box of wine, or rather a cardboardeaux, into your home. When you entertain your guests, you do it properly, and nothing says sophistication and style like a wine glass marker. Well, that’s the cover story, because you wouldn’t dare admit that it’s necessary when your friends get so tipsy they need reminding which glass belongs to whom! Riedel crystal glasses are your cupboard staples, but why not also try an aerator that allows your wine to breathe as it is poured? Absolutely no waiting involved.
Champagne bottle opener vacu-vin

Wine pairing with two-minute noodles

Your love of wine is so great that you budget more on this fine tipple than on the weekly food shop. You are also so educated in the wine department that you know which bottle to pair with your two-minute noodles. So then, take it up another notch by designating a drawer for your champagne stoppers and let each one make an appearance every time you pop a new bottle with your Vacuvin champagne opener. You can never have too many accessories!