Why People Love Peated Whisky

A peated whisky is any form of the drink that is exposed to a peat fire. The smoke from this fire produces chemicals that are absorbed by the malted barley that is used to create it and give the whisky its flavour.

All about peated whisky and its distilleries

All About Peated Whisky

Peat is present all over the United Kingdom and its presence in the area has made it easy to make peated whisky throughout the region. In basic terms, peat is earth that is made up of a variety of tree roots, grass, plants and soil that has been sitting in the same spot for centuries and, therefore, has become compacted. This peat is then burned as a method of flavouring a particular whisky. Originally, peat was a necessity, as it has been a fuel source in Scotland for a long time, but it is still used today to give the whisky its flavour. Scotch from the island of Islay is particularly known for its peaty flavour.
Smoky whiskey for scotch drinkers

Scotch Drinkers Love Peated Whiskey

The main reason why peated whisky is popular is because it gives the product that is made at each individual distillery a unique taste. Each distillery will have harvested its peat from a certain part of the world, and the smoke that it created from the peat will be different from the peat found in another part of the country. This is important for those who love smoky whisky because it gives the Scotch an identity. Those who love peated whisky swear by it and find it difficult to enjoy a whisky that doesn't have this unique flavour. In short, Scotch drinkers love peated whisky because it is what makes their drink of choice different.