Is Whisky the Fountain of Youth?

While it might go against everything that the average person knows about hard alcohol, there are people who swear that having a shot of whisky each morning is the key to living a long and healthy life. There is little scientific evidence supporting this claim, but it's worth a shot in one’s coffee.

Stay young, drink whisky!

The Power of Whisky

The idea that drinking a whisky or rye each morning can be beneficial isn't a new one, but it has recently come to the forefront because of Mariano "Pops" Rotelli, a 107-year-old man in the United States who doesn't leave the house in the morning without a coffee with a shot of bourbon in it. This man claims that he has only visited the doctor three times in the last 100 years and believes that his moderate whisky consumption is one of the reasons why he has managed to stay so healthy.
the beneficial effects of whisky

Reasons Why Whisky is Beneficial

A great deal of effort has gone into researching the health benefits of wine, but fewer resources have gone into figuring out if whisky and other spirits are beneficial for human beings. Select studies suggest that the type of alcohol that is consumed doesn't matter as much as the amount, which would put whisky in the same category as wine. The end result is that having a rye or Scotch every night before bed could reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, lower the risk of ending up with type 2 diabetes, and reduce the drinker's blood pressure. As with anything in life, the amount consumed is the key, as binge drinking can have adverse effects on the body and certainly won't help the drinker to live to 107.