Making the Perfect Rosé Wine Cocktail

The increase in popularity of rosé wine has led to the desire to make cocktails out of this summer drink. Mixologists have put an emphasis on finding the perfect combinations for those who are looking to get something different out of their leftover rosé to the delight of wine lovers.

Gosé, the beer - wine cocktail for left over rose wine!

Beer and Rosé Wine

One of the more popular items to mix with rosé wine is beer. As unlikely as this combination appears on the surface, the right type of beer can complement the wine and turn it into a refreshing summer drink. It has been noted that the type of beer that is used is crucial, as lagers and IPAs tend to take away from the flavour of the wine and, therefore, taste somewhat odd. The key, according to experts, is to use gose, a beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. While finding gose might be a challenge, it is well worth the effort when creating this cocktail.
leftover wine can be an excellent ingredient for great cocktails!

Spirits and Rosé Wine

Kicking it up a notch is easy when making rosé wine cocktails, as there are plenty of recipes out there that can combine spirits and this fruity wine. One such recipe includes mixing the wine with grapefruit juice, gin, and edible flowers. This is the perfect summertime combination and is enjoyably smooth and cool on a hot day. The wine can also be mixed with vodka, a syrup, lime juice and berries to create another drink that is perfect to enjoy in the summer. Since rosé is such a diverse drink, those who love it won't have any trouble finding the perfect mix to ensure that leftover rosé wine doesn't go to waste.