Tequila Leading the Fight Against Global Warming

We all know that tequila is great when enjoyed as shots or as part of a margarita, but recent research suggests that the plant might be important to the future of the planet. The genes of the agave plant could be potentially used to help plants to survive climate change.

We all Know About Tequila salt and lemon

What We Know About Tequila

Both Tequila and mescal are usually seen in a decanter, but they actually come from the agave plant, which is a cactus-like entity that grows in Mexico. This plant is mostly known for the alcohol that it is turned into, but there is much more to it that just alcohol, according to researchers. The basic idea is that the agave plant is able to withstand drought-like conditions because its stomata, which is what the plant uses to breathe, opens at night and closes during the day. This, in turn, means that the plant retains more water and this could come in handy during a prolonged drought, which is what would occur if climate change reaches a certain level.

How agave is good to other plants

Why Tequila is Important to Other Plants

The reasons why this discovery regarding the tequila plant is important is that scientists believe that they might be able to harness this ability and apply it to other plants. agave is a CAM plant, which means that it operates in a manner that best retains water. Most plants are C3 or C4, which means that they lose water rapidly when it gets hot outside. The hope is that C3 plants can be turned into CAM plants, since they are similar genetically. This goes to show that tequila does much more good for the world than provide us with shots or cocktails at the bar, and the headaches that go along with them.