Sought-after Swiss wine to boast about

Swiss wine is loved and enjoyed mostly by the locals. While this wine is a bit hard to find, it’s definitely not impossible, and once you discover it, you will see why the locals export very little of their delicious and quality wine.

Swiss wine and the gorgeous vineyards of Lavaux

Climate change and early harvests

Climate change has caused earlier harvest days in countries such as France and Switzerland. However, climate change and earlier harvests have actually led to a higher quality of wine, and this is evident in Swiss Wines, although droughts can negatively affect harvest and production too. Swiss vineyards are small and harvesting in difficult terrain limits the quantity of production. Moreover, the Swiss are not only great at making good wine, they are just as good at drinking the wine too. That doesn’t leave much for the rest of us! But, just because the wine is not always available everywhere, doesn’t mean it cannot be found at all. A little online investigating will find you some great Swiss wines to savour!
Swiss wine pairs perfectly with cheese fondue!

Is Swiss wine the best wine?

With only around 2% of Swiss wines being exported, the great taste of these wines is still a secret waiting to be discovered! The most common grape varieties used in Switzerland are the red Pinot Noir and white Chasselas. Chasselas is the perfect partner for a fondue or raclette, with its floral nose and dry acidic taste. Gamay is also a popular grape and used often. It is violet in colour and gives a complex taste of smoked prunes and fruits. Some call Swiss wine the best wine in the world, so why not try out a few Swiss wine varieties and find out exactly why it has such a positive reputation?