Rum Diplomatico Tops the List of Inexpensive Rums

Those who love rum don't have to worry about breaking the bank because Rum Diplomatico and other inexpensive spirits are around to provide great quality at a fair price. These drinks are great for budget-minded individuals who still want to enjoy high-end alcohol and appreciate rum's deep flavour.

Reserva exclusiva Rum Diplomatico

Why Rum Diplomatico is So Popular

Made in Venezuela, Rum Diplomatico is an inexpensive spirit that is popular because it provides outstanding taste at an excellent price. The rum is aged for 12 years and provides a rich and fruity taste that has won rum drinkers over. This dark rum has won over 20 awards and those who love it find it difficult to accept anything else. This brand is made from molasses, which is why it has such a sweet flavour, and it is clear that, like with aniseed drinks, a great deal of care goes into every single batch that is created. Who knew that rum on a budget could be such a taste experience?
Alternative Drinks to Rum Diplomatico

Drinks Comparable to Rum Diplomatico

Another good, inexpensive drink that has been created in the same vein as Rum Diplomatico is Rum Blanc JM, a white rum that is made on the island of Martinique. This style of rum is said to be very smooth and has a sugary aroma that drinkers are sure to love. Kraken is an inexpensive spiced rum that is quite popular as well. This rum is made in the Caribbean and features caramel, coffee, chocolate, and vanilla flavouring, which make it a uniquely sweet rum that is easy to drink on the rocks or as part of a mixed drink. Neither of these rums are overly expensive, but have the taste and smooth profile of much more expensive brands.