Novice whiskey drinker turns veteran with Royal Salute Whiskey

The first step in brushing up on your knowledge of fine whiskey is to familiarise yourself with flavours and scents that are generally associated with this prestigious drink, such as chocolate, cigar, coffee and smoky. Then you are ready to get sniffing and sipping.

Royal salute whisky

Fire the guns for a Royal Salute Whiskey

Royal Salute Whiskey is a fine example of a prestigious drink, and the varieties available are often near the top of the list when it comes to big spending. The 62 Gun Salute, which is 40-year-old whiskey in a gold and crystal bottle, will cost you big bucks… it looks, smells and tastes expensive! It is a blended scotch whiskey named after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and the 62 rounds fired in celebration, and it is also ideal for your own celebrations.
Whisky Laphroaig

Sniff, sip and swallow Royal Salute or Laphroaig

Choosing a few whiskeys for a taste test will help you distinguish between some of the flavours and see where your preferences lie. Take a sniff, then a sip, and allow the whiskey to sit on your tongue for a little while before swallowing. This way you can try to distinguish some of the flavours. As well as Royal Salute Whiskey, there is Laphroaig, which is cheaper but still a great-tasting whiskey. It is often described as surprisingly sweet with a smokiness to it. The strong aromas will entice you to take another sip and indulge in your new refined tastes.
Crystal Whisky Decanter

Accessorise your whiskey collection

Whether you associate yourself with kings, counsellors or thieves, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of a good whiskey. But why not indulge even further? Purchase a couple of perfect crystal decanters to store and serve your whiskeys. Although it makes no difference to the taste of the whiskey, it will look much better (as will you) being able to pour your guests a glass from a crystal decanter. Take a look at the Chef & Sommelier range for inspiration.