Pouring a Glass of Foam-Free Champagne

There is a secret to pouring the perfect glass of champagne that many people are unaware of. By learning the right way to prepare and serve this drink, party hosts can look like experts the next time they open a bottle of bubbly at a gathering.

How to pour Champagne with no foam

Preparing a Bottle of Champagne For the Pour

The first thing to remember when pouring champagne or sparkling white wine is that it should be cold. This isn't just because cold champagne tastes better, although this is another very good reason to chill the bottle, but also because the colder the wine, the easier it is to pour without wasting any expensive bubbly. The science behind it says that a colder bottle loses less gas and, therefore, less foam is created when the bottle is opened and poured. As a result, prosecco or sparkling wine drinkers can do themselves a favour by serving the drink at its ideal temperature for the perfect glass of bubbly on any occasion.
Hold the champagne glass at a 90-degree angle not  to have foam

The Perfect Champagne Pouring Technique

Once the bottle has been chilled and opened, it is time to pour the champagne. The traditional method of pouring bubbly is to have the glass straight up and placed on the table. The perfect way to pour the drink, however, is to start with the glass straight up for the first splash of wine and then allow the bubbles to settle. From there, hold the glass at a 90-degree angle while filling it until it is two-thirds of the way to the top, much like when pouring beer into a glass. Pouring champagne-style wines like they are beer removes gas from the top of the glass and this prevents the drink from foaming over the sides of the glass when it is poured, and avoids wasting any of this popular drink. Alternatively, slowly pouring the drink into the glass at a 90-degree angle from start to finish also works well.