New London Hotel a Haven For Gin Lovers

A new hotel is set to open in London and it is sure to be a favourite amongst those who love gin. The hotel, which is called The Distillery, will not only feature a series of gin-inspired guest rooms, but will also have a restaurant, multiple bars, and tasting rooms.

Gin Hotel In London: The Distillery

About the Gin Hotel

The Distillery is unique in that is focuses entirely on gin drinks like the Martini and the gin and tonic. In fact, there is a bar at this hotel that is dedicated solely to the gin and tonic, which is sure to be a hit with anyone who has it as their drink of choice. With other hotels and bars around the world focusing on vodka and other spirits, this location provides something a little different for those who enjoy the taste of juniper berries in their alcoholic drinks. Visiting the gin bar at this hotel is sure to give visitors some unique insight into the spirit and can actually be used as a learning experience for those who truly love the drink.
Learning About Gin

Learning About Gin

Another aspect that this hotel features is a workshop called the Ginstitute. At this workshop, visitors can learn all about gin and how it is made. The drink has been around for over 300 years and, therefore, has quite a significant history. There are also many different varieties of gin on the market, with each having a different production process. This hard drink is made from mash, much like vodka, but is then flavoured using coriander, juniper, and other herbs. What this does is create something that is similar to a flavoured vodka, but without the additives that go into making that style of alcohol. One thing for sure is that those who love gin will leave this hotel having learned much more about their drink of choice.