A genius idea to make a beer glass

How to turn your favourite pastime into a lucrative hobby. It is a win-win situation because you get to drink all the beer you like just so you can make some trendy beer glasses. And, it will bring a whole new meaning to recycling!

make your beer glasses with beer bottles

Enjoy the beer for the sake of the glass

The first step when making your own beer glasses is to find the perfect beer bottles. People tend to have sets of six glasses, and that means you better get drinking as soon as possible! However, it is questionable whether you will be able to make six glasses all look the same after consuming six beers, and so you should perhaps leave some time to relax before beginning the process of making these glasses. At least you know this DIY project will definitely be fun!
DIY beer glasses from beer bottles

Mark the spot on your favourite beer bottle

Once you have your bottle of choice (Ninkasi beer bottles is a great recommendation), you should begin by marking the spot at which you want to cut. Then, tie a long piece of string around the marked spot, wrapping it around several times. Pour some acetone over the string to wet it and, wearing some oven gloves, hold the bottle over a bowl of cold water before lighting the string. Twist the bottle around to ensure the string burns evenly. After it starts burning, place the bottle in the cold water and voila, it will break off where the string was and you’ll have yourself some cool new beer glasses.

With this easy DIY project and such great results, you have the perfect excuse to up your beer intake — all in the name of making more glasses from your beer bottles. The opportunities for hand-crafted Christmas or birthday presents open up in front of you. And, your friends are bound to appreciate your new-found hobby because it will benefit them too with all the more reason to socialise and celebrate.