Choosing the Perfect Christmas Eve Wine

During the holiday season, having a number of different Christmas drinks available is a necessity, including finding the perfect Christmas Eve wine. As with anything, the type of wine chosen comes down to the meal that is being eaten with it.

Dare a white wine on christmas eve!

Going with a White Christmas Eve Wine

Those who enjoy seafood on Christmas Eve might consider selecting a white wine for the occasion. Nothing goes better as a christmas eve wine with a salmon fillet, some mussels, a piece of crab meat or a few lobster tails than a nice bottle of Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Oysters, shrimp, and scallops also fall into this category and seafood lovers will have plenty of wines from which to choose when enjoying food from the ocean over the holidays. More common holiday meals, such as turkey and chicken, pair nicely with white wine too, especially a Chardonnay. For dessert, why not skip the cake or pastries and enjoy a glass of champagne instead? It has the same sweetness, but provides a flavour that isn't found in most traditional desserts, making it the perfect sweet alternative for an after-dinner treat.

Red wine on Christmas eve if you are eating meat

Choosing a Red Christmas Eve Wine

Enjoying a glass of red wine with a meal always seems like a good idea, no matter what the occasion might be. When eating a seafood meal, a red Christmas Eve wine can be a good choice, especially a softer variety like a Syrah or a Pinot Noir. Salmon, in particular, goes very well with wine from red grapes, although many people enjoy red wine with other forms of seafood too. Red wine also goes perfectly with meat, game and poultry. When having beef for dinner on Christmas Eve, try pairing it with a Cabernet, Zinfandel or Barolo to find the ideal flavour. Pork, on the other hand, goes quite well with Grenache, making it a good choice as a holiday wine.