Explore the Past, Present and Future of the Chateau Miraval

A property that extends over 1,200 acres and features groves of olive trees (including a 200 year old olive tree), pine forests, a high-class vineyard and even a moat, definitely belongs to the larger-than-life celeb circle - in this case, the property in question belongs to Brangelina. The question of the hour, however, relates the fate of the property in the light of the recent acrimonious end to the couple’s fairytale romance.

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The exquisite Chateau Miraval

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt signed a long lease on the Chateau Miraval winery and estate in 2008, but only officially bought the vineyard property in 2012 for an estimated $60 million. Their celebrity neighbours in the region included David and Victoria Beckham and Johnny Depp. The stunning property encompasses 1200 acres of land which includes pine forests, olive groves, a private lake, a working vineyard which produces world-class wines, many fountains and even an actual moat. The main house has 35 rooms, which Brad Pitt modified to include a home theatre, spa, gym and video game room. He also added indoor and outdoor pools, a dirt-bike course and a heli-pad. Angelina reportedly had a 200-year old olive tree relocated to the garden in 2010.The house also has a fully equipped recording studio which has been used by the likes of Pink Floyd, AC/DC and Sting, among others. They launched their organic wine label called Miraval Wines in 2013 and their first batch of 6,000 bottles of rose wine sold out in five hours.

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Chateau Miraval on the market

The most shocking celeb news in recent times is the separation of Angelina and Brad, with the former claiming sole custody of the couple’s six children. While rumors and discussions are aplenty, the burning question is with regard to the many houses and other assets that the couple own, bought with income generated after their marriage. According to various sources, the star couple is selling the Chateau Miraval along with all the other properties that they own jointly. Selling the winery will also result in other changes to the line of fine wine produced there. At present, the bottle labels say ‘Jolie-Pitt’ and this will be changed in time for the next season’s batch of wine. The new labels will have no names on them.

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A closer look at the wines from the Chateau Miraval

The number one product from Chateau Miraval surely has to be the Miraval rosé: it was voted the best rose wine in the world by Wine Spectator. With all the lightness of a rose, this dry wine is still packed full of flavor. Meanwhile, Miraval Red is a fruity and light red wine. It can be paired with any red meat or game, and also adds richness to any meat sauce for red meat.