Chardonnay for your divine drinking pleasure

If you enjoy socialising with a glass of fine wine, chardonnay is a good one to try. Readily available almost anywhere in the world, it’s a wine that’s suited to most palates. From very expensive to relatively cheap, it will not disappoint!

discover aged chardonnay

Chardonnay is an international wine

Chardonnay can be enjoyed in many forms — there are various international wine varieties and it is the discerning base of many luxurious champagnes. The flavours in a chardonnay change dramatically depending on the time it has spent in oak barrels or steel tanks. But, whether you like an oaked or wooded wine, an unoaked or unwooded chardonnay, the pleasure of discovering your personal preferences lies in trying and tasting.

Chardonnay, with its flavours that excite the palate, is an elegant and complex drink to be explored. Take the time to brush up on your knowledge and understanding of chardonnay, learning about Chablis and white Burgundy, as it’ll add to your sense of satisfaction. Then, explore your inner chardonnay connoisseur and try a few different types. Of course, this is simply for experimental purposes and the fact that you enjoy each delicious sip is purely coincidental!

pair chardonnay with shellfish

A popular wine choice for pairing

Chardonnay is a wine and grape variety that can grow almost anywhere in the world, unlike other grapes, which are often very sensitive to the climate in which they’re grown. Its widespread availability is reflected in the fact that it is a popular choice amongst a large percentage of the wine-drinking population. What’s even better is that it can be easily enjoyed and paired with several different recipes or meals, including shellfish, pasta, risottos and chicken dishes. Chardonnay is certainly an all-rounder!