Champagne Flutes Can Improve the Taste of Bubbly

Champagne flutes are normally used in a celebratory fashion. However, there is evidence that drinking out of one of these champagne glasses improves the flavour of this drink, so champagne lovers might consider keeping them around the house for these special occasions.

Special Flutes For Special Occasions

Champagne Flutes For Special Occasions

For the most part, champagne flutes are found in situations where people will be drinking a champagne or sparkling white wine on a special occasion. For example, during a wedding, the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party might have this style of wine glass available to them when the toasts are made. Other occasions where champagne flutes can be easily found are New Year’s Eve and Christmas, as the celebratory nature of these holidays ensures that plenty of toasts are given. In these situations the use of these flutes is largely ceremonial in nature, but the truth is that there are other reasons why these sparkling wine glasses should be part of every collection for all occasions in the home.
The Science Behind Champagne Flutes

The Science Behind Champagne Flutes

There is evidence suggesting that drinking out of champagne flutes can actually make sparkling white wine taste better. When champagne is being consumed, the bubbles come out of the glass and burst. This in turn produces the taste and smell of the drink while the person is enjoying it. A study from France has discovered that the shape of champagne flutes causes the bubbles to mix together at a higher rate, which leads to more flavour being present when the champagne is being consumed. When using a different type of wine glass, the bubbles are more spread out and, therefore, the flavour of the sparkling white wine isn't as intense.