Can Whisky Cure the Common Cold?

Enjoying a little bit of whisky when feeling ill can help people to feel better. This is one reason why many swear by the power of the hot toddy as a cold and flu cure, as the hot liquor numbs the pain and the other ingredients repair the body.

The history of whisky as a cure to common cold

The History of Whisky as a Cure

Although science has yet to come up with a true cure for the common cold, there are those who believe that a little bit of whisky can provide some relief. This relief comes in a variety of ways, as the alcohol in the drink can dilate the blood vessels, which helps the body to better deal with infection. In addition, heating the whisky up, as in a hot toddy, can help to relieve nasal congestion. This provides similar benefits to having a bowl of chicken noodle soup, although the soup does have other benefits in the form of vitamins and minerals. Although having a cold or the flu is no fun, there is a small treat to be had with a whisky hot toddy on a cold night.
Have a hot toddy and stay healthy

Making a Whisky Hot Toddy

The basic hot toddy combines whisky, lemon juice, hot water and honey. Some recipes also call for ingredients like cinnamon, a lemon slice and cloves, and additional items are sometimes listed too. It all comes down to personal preference when making the drink. The honey in the drink soothes the throat, while the lemon juice contains vitamin C to boost the immune system. For those who aren't fans of whisky, rum or brandy can be substituted. The alcohol is important because it can reduce the inflammation and pain experienced when dealing with a cold. Keep in mind that this drink is meant to be enjoyed in moderation, as having too much can dehydrate the drinker and make cold and flu symptoms much more severe.