Beer Cocktails: Something Different at the Next Party

As party-goers attempt to find the perfect combination of flavours, beer cocktails are increasing in popularity all over the world. By combining lager, wine, juice and spirits, people are falling in love with various styles of beer all over again.

Try and love beer cocktails

Better-Known Beer Cocktails

The truth is that beer cocktails have been around for a long time, as people have always found a way to take the edge off their pint. A Black and Tan is one of the oldest, as it involves combining a stout and a lighter beer to create something completely different. A shandy involves mixing beer with a soft drink, while a Boilermaker involves mixing beer and whiskey. A Black Velvet, created when stout is combined with champagne or sparkling white wine, is also popular in some circles. These beer cocktails provide a different way to enjoy a beer and can be quite refreshing on a hot summer's day. Try some favourite drinks and combine them with beer to create an unlikely but delicious beer cocktail for all events and occasions.
Beer cocktails and drop shots combine fun and tasty!

Newer Types of Beer Cocktails

As with anything else alcohol-related, people have begun experimenting with new types of beer cocktails in an attempt at coming up with different ways to enjoy a pint of ale. Drop shots are one such type of cocktail that have taken over in pubs, including the Flaming Doctor Pepper, the Irish Car Bomb, the Sake Bomb, the U-Boot and the Tom Bass. Other twists on the classic pint include The End Zone, which is bourbon, beer, and lemonade, the Light Apple, which is a combination of hard apple cider and beer, and the Beer Punch, which involves mixing beer with Sprite and juice. There is no wrong way to make a beer cocktail, so adventurous beer lovers will continue to find new and exciting ways to enjoy a glass.