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...cause there are some situations only wine can help!

The Power Of Wine - lay down and relax!

The Power Of Wine

Long day at the office, workout during lunch break, errands, kids’ management, running back home to get homework done… your body and mind are spinning and you feel like you were sitting on a mechanical bull going wild. 

And then, you hear that POP bottles of wine make when being uncorked, and you pour the divine beverage in a nice glass. You go sit down, cross your legs and finally relax your back; your eyes close and you inhale all the aromas coming from the vineyard and its terroir, the scents enter through your nose and you feel the fruity explosion up to your finger and toe tips. You are already reborn, but here comes the best part: your lips feel the cold of the glass, and then they open up a little, allowing a sip of wine to enter your mouth. Your tasting buds are now the ones going crazy, and your brain thanks you for that; the richness of the nectar fills up all your mouth, almost creating a coat, and making you want to have a second sip (and a third, and a fourth…)

I bet you have had these same feelings at least once in the last month; and if I am wrong, well at least I can say that I did feel all of this power in a simple glass of wine, and much more than once in the past month!

This is the reason for this blog: to create a community of people who genuinely appreciate wine, to exchange knowledge, advices and opinions about this fruit nectar that can make life so much easier… and more fun!

Wine at the beach... drink and relax!

The Blog's Session


I try to always be updated with all news regarding the world of the vineyard… my favourite world! Vintages to taste, discoveries, innovations… I try to taste everything (or at least to learn about everything...)!

However, I have only got two ears! Please do share with me any relevant information about the wine universe...

Wine Not

I know you prefer wine to any other alcohol: it is not just its amazing taste, but also all the culture behind it… Did you know the Romans were already producing wine?!

ANYWAY, you know that it will happen to be at that one pub that has no good wine… Don’t be a snob! Just learn about other drinks in the Wine Not Session, and enjoy your night!

Wine For Dummies

Ok, you do love wine (and espacially french wine) ; that’s a great start. However, you realize that you do not have much more to say than “I like it…”: what a pity! Knowing what is in your glass and how to serve it properly really enhance the pleasure; get a full and rich tasting experience thanks to this blog’s tips!